Breeder Contact List:

This is a list of club members you can contact if looking for a German Wirehair Pointer. The Twin Cities German Wirehair Pointer Club does not endorse any specific breeder.   Click on the GWP to view their websites.

Backwoods Kennels: Greg & Liz  Dixon  715-778-4675

Captains Kennels:  Don Erlandson, St. Croix Falls, WI  715-488-2217

Matchless Kennels: Gary Robertson & Liz Miller Waterville,  MN                                 507-363-9478

Rose Point Kennels:  Heather Griswold, Grove City, MN  320-552-0085

Vom Britt Bird Dawgs: Bob Britten Granton, WI  715-238-7691

 Thunderhill Kennels: Jeff Paulus, Superior, WI  218-590-9475

Marshmeadow Kennels: Mary Anderson, Montgomery, MN  507-744-4519