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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ADOPTED DOGS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Willie:    8 year old neutered male, AKC papers, hunter, housedog, up to date on shots, good with kids, good with dogs, and in really good shape for an 8 year old!  Available for adoption right now.

Please contact Jeff Matz in WI at or 651-261-4924 with any questions or to arrange a meeting with Willie.



UPDATE: Oscar was adopted February of 2014!

Oscar: a 4 year old male GWP, is new to Natl GWP Rescue. In September a MN shelter contacted us asking National GWP Rescue to take him in. Oscar was found in the woods in northern Minnesota. No one knows how long he had been alone, but he was severely emaciated, dehydrated and very dirty when he was found. A kind hunter brought him to the Pine County animal shelter.

Oscar is a wonderful, friendly boy who hasn’t met a stranger he doesn’t like. He is a very sweet, affectionate dog with a strong desire to please. Underneath all the dirt and grime is a beautiful coat and very playful energetic personality. He loves to run about with toys and slide and roll in the snow. Oscar will be a wonderful companion and possibly a good hunting dog.

Oscar tested positive for Heartworm and Lyme disease. His vet says that Oscar has an excellent chance at a full recovery. Once he is free and clear of the Heartworm and Lyme Oscar will be available for adoption through National GWP Rescue.


UPDATE:  Muppet was adopted December of 2013!

Muppet a playful, but well mannered girl, who would love to be loved. Muppet loves to cuddle and play ball, but also shows high prey drive and is not gun shy, so may make a nice hunting companion with some training. Muppet comes when called and heels off leash. She does need a strong pack leader as she has been known to test authority and fancies her self a bit of a watch dog. Muppet would do best in a home without other dogs, as she can be a bit dominant, but may be okay with a submissive male, as long as her owner establishes pack leadership. Muppet is very active and athletic and would most likely excel in a sport like agility or flyball.

Bonnie and Lady

UPDATE:  Bonnie and Lady have been adopted - June 2013!

Bonnie and Lady: 7 yr old females and littermates ( about 55lb each) that were dumped by their owner because he was “moving out of state”  These girls have been kennel dogs and hunting dogs. They are pretty, sweet, a little needy and VERY interested in hunting!



Roxy:  a 4 1/2 year old purebred GWP that weighs 48 pounds and is 22" tall, with a tight coat. She is healthy, up to date on all shots, and recently spayed. She comes from a house in the country where she had the run of the property. However, she was indoors during winter months. Roxie has been undersocialized and lacks confidence. She is very worried about her new surroundings and isn't much interested in eating. She is quite in her crate, but reluctant to go in. Roxie is getting along fine with the male dog she is with, but hasn't done much interacting with him, as she is so worried. She just needs a home that will be patient with her and give her time to adjust and come out of her shell. Roxie is gun-shy so will not be suitable for a hunting home.


Maya is a delightful 5 yr old female that weighs about 50 lb. In her former life she was used for breeding, but that life is behind her now. She is spayed and up to date on all vaccinations. Maya has a very sweet personality and LOVES attention and will bond closely with her new owner. She is a little shy of men, but will warm up after a few days. She will make a wonderful companion for someone who wants to spend lots of time with her. She is crate trained and housebroken on a schedule. Maya is calm in the house and loves to be outside as long as you are there with her. She is quite a cuddler and loves to be by your side with her head in your lap.  Maya tends to be dog dominant, so she would do best as the only dog in the home.  Maya is also aggressive to cats.



Jackson was found as a stray in Apple Valley, MN. Animal Control picked him up and sent him to Palomino Pet Hospital. The city of Apple Valley uses that vet as their impound facility. He is a very happy, confident dog with a nice harsh coat. The vet stated that Jackson's owner had been found, but did not want him back.  Apparently the girlfriend of the owner did not want Jackson.  They believe he is around 3 years old.

Unfortunately  we do not know who bred Jackson or how the owner came to acquire him. He was found with no collar and no micro chip. Jackson is now safe in foster in St Paul, MN. He is an affectionate, friendly dog that has been good with the rescue's own GWP. He is now neutered and all up to date on his vaccinations and is available for adoption through National GWP Rescue.

02/13/13 Update on Jackson from his foster home:

Jackson is a regal GWP. He is an approximately 2 year old (purebred we believe) without papers that has recently been neutered. He has a medium/short coat that is easily maintained and he is missing only one dew claw.

Jackson does not make a great watch dog; He rarely barks at anything. Nor does he make a great guard dog; We don't think he has an aggressive bone in his body. He gets along great with other dogs and cohabits well with them too. He is very affectionate toward humans, always wanting to be petted and is also good with children. We have not introduced him to cats nor have we had him on birds. He is great on recall and will go lay down when told to do so.

At first, Jackson did hurdle a chain link fence with ease, and he jail broke a metal crate by bending the metal bars in a few hours. I don't believe he was ever on a leash when I received him because he is a big puller. We have made some progress with the heeling on leash (as much as the bitter cold has allowed me). He is also getting better in the crate (he is very food driven which has made crate training a bit easier).

I am going to continue to work on heeling and crating. I am also going to see how he does with cats and introduce him to birds in a few weeks. Jackson is a very happy dog that has a strong desire to please.




Congratulations to Lena and her new family!!!

Lena came from horrible conditions. The first year of her life she was confined to a small wire crate with no shelter. Lena was confiscated from her owner by the county along with her bother. She came to us very shy, and food aggressive with other dogs. She weighs about 40 lbs and has a very high prey drive. She has come a long way while in foster care. She is shy with new people, but will warm up after a while. She gets along with most dogs, but her favorite playmates are large easygoing male dogs. She loves to hunt fuzzy creatures and would not be safe with a cat. She does not seem to get along with small kids, as fast movements and loud noises can trigger her prey drive. She is 3 years old and is spayed and up to date on all vaccinations. She behaves well in her crate and is loose in the house when we are home. She is coming along very well on housebreaking and only has an occasional small accident. She loves to run around and play fetch. She knows some commands- such as "sit" "stay" "lie down" "outside" "kennel up"... we are working on "leave it " and "drop it ". She is gunshy.

Lena would benefit from a family committed to continuing her socialization with dogs and people. She will need a kind but firm and consistent leader. She tends to bond with women first,and then is fine with men as when she knows that she can trust them. Once she is comfortable she is high-energy and clownish, but can be a little pushy. She like to follow her foster mom around doing chores and has become a very nice companion in the house. She needs lots of daily exercise and would make a good running partner.

Here are a few dogs that have come through our local rescue...